• Simplify your marketing decisions

    Gain insight by aggregating your analytics into one place.

    Benchmark against the industry.

    Manage goals and tasks across your entire organization
    and tie them to metrics.

Benchmark Against The Industry




Ever wonder if your performance is ahead or behind the market? Now you can know!

Only DrivingSales Data can you get a full glimpse into your true benchmarks because DrivingSales Data is the only tool to allow you to compare your metrics across vendors, across franchises and geographic regions. See if your traffic patterns are ahead or behind what the rest of the market is doing. Are you buying enough leads? How does your SEO stack up? These answers and more are found inside DrivingSales Data.

Track and accelerate your growth.

Data is not just about reading reports, its about action that creates growth.

DrivingSales Data is so much more than a data wearhouse or report engine, it’s a management tool that creates growth. We aggregate data, compute advanced metrics and give you the most complete benchmarking available, but that is just the beginning! DrivingSales Data allows you to set goals tied to any metric, and then create and assign tasks to your team to get the goals completes. We help you manage your metrics to action, and your actions to results. With built in collaboration, networking, and mangement tools, we make your data come to life and help your store grow!